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welcome to Globizz Synergy Pvt. Ltd.

Globizz Synergy Pvt. Ltd is a non asset based Logistics company. The Company is founded is 2013. The company is based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. but has strategic partnerships with facilities all across the the nation to support our customer's needs from start to finish. We leverage all of our customers freight spend to get the most competitive rates we can for our shipping customers.

Globizz Synergy Pvt. Ltd offers Global TMS tools and custom reporting specific to your KPI's. This gives our customers total visibilty of their shipments from another country, down the street to their domestic customers or DC's. The tools are web based via customized dashboard.


Globizz Synergy Pvt. Ltd has the ability to provide custom performance reporting tailored to our customers KPI's. This tool will help establish quantifiable vendor and carrier metrics to better understand their performance and your supply chain.

Export and Import

Globizz Synergy Pvt. Ltd Guides to How to Import comes to you from the team of Globizz Synergy Pvt. Ltd. We are export-import based company working for the benefits of Importer through a strong relationship between our clients.

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